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Brand History


The year 2021 is characterized by the imposing Villa Latifa project, in the United Arab Emirates, in which Lolli and Memmoli supplied a great Ugolino slim 300 cm long, four Ugolino appliques and two Ugolino circular with a diameter of one meter, all with crystals in shades of Labradorite brown and blue color. During the Fuori Salone 2021, the Algebra circular model was also born, a virtuous evolution of a 2018 project, characterized by the union and succession of endless hexagonal elements reminiscent of gear wheels. The recurrent hexagonal motif evokes contemporary fashion and interior design trends, in which geometric polygons are set side by side to create fascinating designs..


the 2020 year is characterized by projects of important public spaces. To illuminate the Grand Tower in Frankfurt, Lolli and Memmoli created a Ugolino system circular with a diameter of 250 cm, a large custom-made chandelier. In the same year, in the heart of San Francisco, Lolli and Memmoli light up in an amazing way the Grand Penthouse of 181 Freemont, located on the 57th floor where you are greeted by the thrilling sparkle of ten thousand crystals composing the great Alpha Project chandelier in large oval shape.


Lolli e Memmoli enters the private residence of the UAE ambassador in Rabat with five important chandeliers in the colors of Labradorite brown and green. In particular, a Ugolino slim 300 cm long was installed in the dining room and four Ugolino circular 100 at the entrance. During the Fuori Salone 2019 in the Lolli e Memmoli showroom in Milan, new colors and sizes are presented for the Algebra model.


In preparation for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Lolli e Memmoli produces 106 Ariel 80 long custom for the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor City. The areas that are illuminated are the VVIP Bar Area and the VIP Skybox & Viewing Box. For Alessandra Lo Savio, Lolli and Memmoli illuminate a London exclusive house with a 175 cm height Ofelia Applique, two Caifa circular 250 cm height in blue tones and a Ugolino rectangular 90 x 300 in orange tones; project that will also be published by the AD Italia magazine. In addition, this year, Lolli e Memmoli celebrates 25 years with a special retrospective exhibition on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2018, accompanying the spectators on an exceptional journey that culminates in an exceptional new design: Algebra. The modular lamp with a sinuous profile inspired by the etymology of its name, which means union, connection.


Two important contract projects were realized in collaboration with Citterio-Viel & Partners for Bulgari Hotels in Beijing and Dubai during 2017. A bespoke Ugolino oval 240 chandelier for the Dom Perignon Bar in Beijing and a 4.5 m chandelier made up of three elements for the dining room in Dubai.
At Salone del Mobile 2017 Lolli e Memmoli has been back in the spotlight with the brend new pendant lamp U – Line, a horizontal line floating lightly in space. Crystal drops are freed in random harmony from a dense wire mesh covering the source of light yet revealing, as if by magic, the extraordinary play of light multiplied by a myriad of sparkles within the crystal clearness.
Issue #20 of the English magazine DARC, published on the occasion of Euroluce, dedicates a special interview to Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli about the inspiration who leads them through the years in working crystals to design and create lamps as real sculptures of light.


During Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2016 Lolli e Memmoli presents Lolli e Memmoli Contract Division (LMCD), a new line of product created specifically for the lighting requirements of large spaces.
Alpha Project is composed of two curves and two straights segments of different size. The modules can be combined in infinite ways, and their configuration can be varied to obtain different projects.
Presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2016, and on permanent display in Lolli e Memmoli showroom, a large chandelier consisting of eight modules, is located in a scenic black and white corner, as a neutral container that hosts this great element almost to suggest the possible locations in large spaces.


The first few months of 2015 witnessed the realization of important projects. A large 3m diameter Ugolino system illuminates a prestigious restaurant in Macau, together with 12 other Lolli e Memmoli chandeliers.
Caifa square in the Moie showroom in Jakarta looks like a 4m stalactite of light.
34 Ugolino circulars were realized for the suites of the newly restored historic Hotel Plaza of NYC.
In April art and design meet in the Lolli e Memmoli showroom with the I flood myself with light of the immense exhibition where the artist Christian Balzano's creations reinterpret the best known chandeliers of the collection. Balzano's creations and the chandeliers will be on display until 30th October, 2015.
The news of Design Week 2015 is the Taut pendant lamp. A contemporary reinterpretation of Munari's Falkland, inspired by the idea of applying the Italian designer's study of elastic tensions to Taut's worked mesh crystal. The result is a lamp, similar to a tensile structure, in which the crystal is taut spontaneously, suspended between vertical and horizontal forces in an ever-changing sequence of curves. Thanks to Taut, LED technology has entered, for the first time, into the world of Lolli e Memmoli lamps, creating a new synergy that once again exploits the modern and innovative character of crystal.


For the Fuori Salone Lolli e Memmoli showroom is transformed into an experimental space where new colors and forms of the latest models of the collection Viet realize refraction and transparency effects always amazing and unexpected.
At the same time, the chandeliers Viet, for the entire Design Week, are guests of honor at the Tombolini boutique in Milan. The elegant glow of Lolli e Memmoli suspension's crystals perfectly highlight the sophisticated atmosphere of the famous fashion store.


On the occasion of the Milan Fashion Week, Lolli e Memmoli participate with an amazing chandelier-dress in Luna Art fashion show, created by the artist Goran Lelas in collaboration with the most prestigious brands of Italian and international design.
The exhibition "XX Twenty years of crystal lighting", presented at the Fuori Salone, offers the ideal path done in 20 years from the first models, almost reminding to baroque style to the most recent creations, Viet suspensions and Aires floor lamp, definitely more rigorous and essential.
The prestigious architectural magazine Domus, in September issue, devotes considerable space to Lolli e Memmoli lighting production in their lighting design section.
The suspension Ugolino slim is chosen for the lighten the Lucerne urban villas living, designed by the s Lischer Partner Architekten Planer Studio and rewarded by the famous architecture portal Archdaily among the most popular projects of year 2013.
Lolli e Memmoli start their New York experience from the display of two new stores, Voice Di and Atelier Courbet that perfectly mix the glamorous, style of a shop design to the sophisticated atmosphere of an art gallery.


Fuori Salone is an opportunity to present the new collection of the elegant pattern Aires: Twister and Up & Down. It also published the catalog "Light to Light, One Different Way".


In occasion of Euroluce in the renewed and enlarged showroom presentation of the Aires collection. The shape of Aires takes up the archetype of the lampshade where, instead of fabric, a soft mesh of crystal linked together shines and assumes the unusual appearance of a precious network.


The Phebo – Senza Titolo (Untitled) – collection presented at the Design Week to fete the 10th anniversary of the lamp. The collection takes its cue from the world of art: two Phebo circular models and three Phebo Square models pay tribute to the masterpieces of the 20th and 21st centuries. Only six unique copies of the lamps made and inspired, respectively, by Van Gogh, Victor Vasarely, Anish Kapoor, Jenny Holzer and Damien Hirst.


The Environment Agency-Abu Dhabi (EAD) in the United Arab Emirates chooses several Lolli e Memmoli chandeliers to decorate its most important meeting rooms and offices.
The “Changing Light” exhibition held at the Lolli e Memmoli showroom during the Design Week to unveil the new Opus circular and Opus square chandeliers.
The year also sees Lolli e Memmoli consolidate the brand in China, where, Domus Tiandi, the luxury lifestyle and interior décor store in the heart of Beijing.


Villeroy & Boch invites Lolli e Memmoli to show their luminous art at the “La Perla” exhibition in the Tortona quarter during the Fuori Salone. In parallel, the duo stages the Crystal Lighting Design event in their own showroom, giving the title role to the new Ugolino X suspension lamp, where the crystals cascade from an “X” base frame.


Lolli e Memmoli debut at Euroluce during the Salone del Mobile in Milan. The stand, designed by architects Mario Memmoli and Ivan Lolli, based on the concept of an elegant bank vault, divided into several 5-metre high intercommunicating rooms, in which to safe-keep the precious lighting objects. The walls are dressed in graphite-grey steel to enhance the sensations triggered by the colour of the crystals. Publication of the new “Crystal Pages, a Light Diary” catalogue, in tandem, the new website.


Consolidation of Lolli e Memmoli collaboration with Graff, the London jewellers with stores in Geneva, Hong Kong and New York, to design the interior décor of the showrooms and private offices. Fashion label “BRAY” selects Lolli e Memmoli ceiling suspension lamps to light up its stores in the centre of Rome, Bologna and Milan in Italy and the boutiques of Moscow, Paris and Bucharest.


Collaboration with Poliform for lighting installations at the stand and the showrooms in Cologne and London, re-proposed during Design Week.
Participation in the “100% Design” show in Moscow. Lolli e Memmoli show at the HA2 Gallery in Tokyo. The agreement signed with the Yamagiwa stores marks the arrival of the Lolli e Memmoli brand in the Far East, that it will be proposed also by Yi's Furniture in Taiwan, Andante in Hong Kong and Marquis in Singapore. The European market continues to expand and new commercial agreements take the brand to New Zealand with ECC Lighting.
The Cerruti Radisson Hotel in Dusseldorf, designed by Matteo Thun, welcomes its guests with specially designed large-sized chandeliers for the foyer and the restaurant.


Inauguration of the Minotti showroom in Los Angeles, the first Lolli e Memmoli retailer in the United States.
The “Pitti Living” show during Salone del Mobile in Milan features a suspension Vladimiro XL in acid and olive green colours.
Special installation of Caifa chandeliers in grey cyanite in made for the Design Hotel Arts in Barcelona.
Moss, New York?s leading design gallery-store, shows the Vladimiro XL 40 chandelier.
Especially important, the participation in the Interieur trade fair at Kortrijk, Belgium with a lighting project made for the Antonio Lupi Design company based on an idea of Carlo Colombo. The same installation was then featured at the “Cersaie” trade show in Bologna.


Lolli e Memmoli design and produce the lighting project for the suites of the Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest.
The “Ten Years of Crystal Light” exhibition during the Salone del Mobile in Milan displays the milestones achieved in the first ten years of Lolli e Memmoli production, the special pieces and the oversize creations.
Chandeliers are created for the prestigious rooms of the famous “Moroccan house” of the Hotel Rijad Enja in Marrakech, incorporating coloured reflections that blend with the local tradition.
Carlo Colombo installs the Ugolino lighting system for the impressive reception area of the Saint Pau Restaurant in Tokyo. At the “Abitare il Tempo” trade show in Verona, Lolli e Memmoli work with Poliform and Moroso to design the lighting for the presentation of a new home living concept at the “House of Carlo Colombo”.


Inauguration of the Lolli e Memmoli showroom in Milan, set in an old 1930s zipper factory located south of the city in an area richly populated by workshops and creative studios. Lolli e Memmoli start to work with Escada, the fashion company, for which they design and produce the lighting for the Escada stores worldwide. A 180cm-wide circular suspension version of the Ugolino model is made for the Neiman Marcus department store in Miramar, Florida.


Festival, a Greek cruise company, chooses Lolli e Memmoli to create the giant chandeliers for its two casinos and the piano bar of its exclusive luxury cruisers “European Vision” and “European Star”.
Luminous installation is created for the “Bright & White” show curated by Teresa Ginori for the Fuori Salone in Milan, where the effect of the “Dragon” installation is striking: a succession of 16 chandeliers suspended at different heights illuminate the profile of a 10-metre long “virtual” dragon.


Lolli e Memmoli collection is shown at the Salone Satellite exhibition during the Salone del Mobile in Milan.
Royal Olympic Cruise commission a special project for the restaurants of its cruise ships Explorer and Voyager, for which Lolli e Memmoli create oversize chandeliers.
AMK design studio asks the design duo to create an important and spectacular chandelier for the Bistrot Le Celier restaurant in Athens.


Invited as special guests to the “Il matrimonio dei sensi” show at Palazzo Barbò in Milan curated by photographer Fabrizio Ferri.
A high-impact lighting system in grey cyanite crystal is designed for Rome’s trendy new club La Maison.


Lolli e Memmoli create a special chandelier called “Cagliostro” for Moschino’s Milan showroom. The chandelier was then featured as a visual icon in the Moschino flagship stores of Taipei, Hong Kong and Moscow.
They realize the first installation-event for the Fuori Salone at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.
The collection is showcased at the “Abitare il Tempo” trade show in Verona (“Mostra di Sperimentazione e Ricerca” section”).


For the XL disco club in Alba (Turin) was commissioned an extra-large chandelier, like a cone with an elliptical base of 5 by 2 m that develops around a pillar of the particular architecture.


Lolli e Memmoli creations are shown at the Low Tech Gallery in Milan. Lolli e Memmoli start their collaboration with the Eclectica store in Milan, a concept of Teresa Ginori, talent scout.


Debut of the LOLLI e MEMMOLI brand.
The two architects Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli manage independently the trends of the moment, strongly influenced by minimalist aesthetic, completely deconstructing a type of lighting-established tradition, such as the crystal chandelier, to reinvent its identity with a contemporary character.