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Don't call them chandeliers

Real architectures of light in crystal, always different, designed and made by hand by Lolli e Memmoli. With one eye on the tradition, the other on the future, As often happens when you visit an artist's studio, a trip to see Lolli & Memmoli means getting off the beaten track of the bourgeoisie of Milanese design. Their showroom is in the southern part of the city, on a little street that is not that easy to find. It might seem like a strange location, but once inside you realize that it is not a retail space but a true laboratory. This is where, since 1993, Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli, architects, have created by hand, with their team of over 20 specialized artisans, cascades of light that add grandeur to any interior.

It would be an understatement to call these works chandeliers. That term doesn't account for the fundamental difference between the "creations of the Milanese duo and those of traditional brands. First of all, the projects - of Lolli & Memmoli come from the invention of a particular system of attachment of the crystals, allowing them to avoid the presence of structural parts: the crystals are connected to each other, as if they were suspended in the void. "Crystal is fascinating for its transparency and delicacy", they explain, "but actually it is a heavy material. We wanted to free it of any superstructure, to bring out its lighter side".

Besides achieving 'this, the ingenious system also permits non-repetitive assembly of the pieces, in all directions, so each lighting system is unique, making the works perfect for the contract. market. A sort of contemporary deconstructivism that permits'games of overlaps and different lengths, composed of thousands of crystals, in a wide range of colors that is enriched every year with new, specially created shadings and tones. The hues are another strong point of the creations of Lolli & Memmoli.

The creative process they have developed lets them produce a collection available in an infinite range of colors, while also offering custom, site-specific solutions. The space itself, in these cases, provides the guidelines and inspiration for the assembly of crystals of different colors and nuances. Very patient work, rigorously done by hand, whose results are directly proportional to the care that goes into it in both creative and technical terms, also on the level of packing, organization, logistics and installation. Since 1993 Lolli & Memmoli have enchanted Greek ship owners, hotels, institutions, design trademarks (like Poliform and Minotti) and fashion houses (Moschino), proof that the duo and their atelier of precious collaborators are appreciated all over the world.

The reasons why are no mystery. For years now the cultured luxury market has understood that tradition, on its own, does not suffice to create attractive interiors for a target increasingly enamoured of all things new and contemporary.
With their creations, Lolli & Memmoli offer a new, erudite interpretation of the past, transforming it without destroying its character. Their architectures of light are reassuring - because they use a material that has always been a synonym for quality - but they are also daring - because they break down the original substance of the traditional chandelier, with its focus on a structure and repetitive decorative modules. Above all, they have a constant desire to go further, without resting on their laurels, and this attitude appeals to clients.

After all, their motto is "evolution and consistency". This is the key to their success.

Laura Traldi