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With a special on Baroque lighting and its extraordinary interpretations through the language of contemporary design, the world by Lolli e Memmoli was aired on Class Life, the television channel by Class Editori dedicated to the joy of living.

Alpha Project, the first project by Lolli e Memmoli Contract Division (LMCD), is a modular lighting system conceived for vast spaces. The instrument that Lolli e Memmoli dedicates to designers in order to propose to the contract world versatile and flexible lighting solutions, both in space and tim

Lolli e Memmoli lamps interact with the works of the artist Christian Balzano. An exhibition itinerary bordering between art and design for whom the artist created 40 works that interpret Lolli e Memmoli crystal lamps through his distinctive artistic language and elements.

For the Tanager Villa in Los Angeles, designed by McClean Design, in collaboration with MASS Beverly, two Opus circular clear crystal chandeliers‬ are the protagonists of this exclusive living.

The Italian lifestyle described by Andante director Tony Luk and brands of contemporary living in the store in Hong Kong. Since 3:05  focus is on Lolli e Memmoli lamps.

Daring a new point of view, turning up side down all the perspectives and discovering hidden features is what Lolli e Memmoli asked Aaron Olzer, young talent in the international fashion short movie, to make for the video presentation of Viet Collection 2014.While Aaron observes the chandeliers, he captures their details and delicate balances. He reveals the unexpected dynamics and gently describes their mysterious essence..

To mark the LUNA ART fashion show, Lolli and Memmoli presented a magical chandelier-dress in crystal, made in collaboration with Goran Lelas. This special creation encapsulates the essence of the manufacturing art and creative philosophy of Lolli e Memmoli: a refined design that succeeds in making crystal a material that is so light as to be almost evanescent and, in this case, even capable of playing up to the movements of the body.

The backstage of the Luna Art fashion show unveils the mysterious and fairy-tale atmosphere of the dresses designed by Goran Lelas and realized by the leading brands of Italian design. Lolli e Memmoli created a surprising crystal chandelier to wear and, as in the famous chandelier, the invisible structure of the dress supports the tiny luminous crystals that caress the body weightlessly.

In the spacious and luminous Lolli e Memmoli showroom the historical collection is exhibited in an ideal path that leads the visitor to discover the patterns of Aires models. Standing out with particular impact are the large chandeliers destined for contract applications: the two majestic Ugolino 180 chendeliers in the circular version.

A glamorous Hollywood mansion enlightened by Lolli e Memmoli chandelier as the late-night setting for an exclusive house party: directed by Alan Ferguson, this is the music video of John Legend’s electro-funk song Green Light.

A collection of projects to describe the atmospheres created by Lolli e Memmoli chandeliers in different environments: exhibitions, public spaces and residential projects.

A selection of the main collections together in a virtual journey to reveal their glamour in charming locations.

Caifa and Ariel chandeliers are the background for the intricate events of the first episode of Devious Maids, the successful american series set in the magnificent residences of Beverly Hills.